How to Stop Blood Clots and What are Blood Clots?

Fishing for Blood Clots

Blood Clot example of broken blood vessel



Credit to Adam for this image.  This image describes the Front section of the brain showing middle cerebral artery.  At the top image, you will see a description image of a broken blood vessel. At the bottom image, you will see how the Blood Clot appears.

Fibrin and Platelets

20130423-020829.jpgThis image shows an example of the fibrin and platelets that are traveling through the blood vessel.  This large image of a blood vessel is designed to implant the visualization in your mind, so over time, you can actually have a mental imagery of your blood vessel, and how it processes blood flow.  The more reminders you have from different angles of examples how Blood Clots can  take place, the easier you will understand it in your Second Nature.


Blood Clot Information

20130423-020551.jpgThis image shows the Normal Blood Vessel, Platelets, Injured blood vessel, Bliod Clot, Activated Platelets, and Fibrin.

Blood Clot in legs

20130423-020405.jpgThis image shows how the legs will appear when a blood clit takes place.

Blood Clot Diagram

This diagram shows the Valve, Blood Fliw, and Thrombus.  Understanding the mechanism and different parts that are involved in the blood flow process are important to further educating what situations can occur, in a blood clot.  The question is, are there any natural exercises that can subside blood clots.  The answer is Yes, exercise will generally improve your blood flow, oxygen flow, and processing of the platelets and fibrin.




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